CIRCUIT BOARDS is a limited edition series of classic wood "arbejdsborde" salvaged and refinished with complex gilded patterns on black or white ground. Worktable: 80x160x73cm / coffee table: 80x160x50. Please contact Another Ballroom for information on availability, designs, and pricing.

^circuit 1.02

^circuit 1.02 / detail

^circuit 1.03 / in progress

^circuit 1.03 / design mockup

^circuit 1.04 / in progress

^circuit 1.05 / in progress

^circuit 1.01 / + patina detail


printed circuit board

the Overlook Maze from the film Room 237 about The Shining

bismuth crystals

circuit diagrams

minotaur in labyrinth—a Roman mosaic at Conímbriga, Portugal.

Bronze age rock carvings, Rocky Valley, Tintagel, Cornwall.

Babylonian labyrinth, 2000-1700 BC.